Changes to the Tree Register

Tree Date Genus Species Notes
WPR/0199 2017-08-15 01:17:38 Salix alba A good tree near Government House
WMR/0051 2017-08-04 19:25:55 Quercus macrocarpa Officially designated as a Manitoba Heritage Tree - October 1, 2015.
WPR/0073 2016-06-09 17:12:01 Tilia cordata This new tree was planted on Arbor Day!
WPR/0050 2015-10-06 03:36:55 Ulmus americana Officially designated as a Manitoba Heritage Tree
WPR/0004 2015-10-01 18:03:34 Populus deltoides The Argyle School Cottonwood is the first tree to be officially recognized under the Manitoba Heritage Tree Program! Take a look at the new photos!
WPR/0038 2015-03-29 02:17:36 Ulmus americana New photo for the Richardson Elm added.
WPR/0043 2015-03-23 07:03:56 Acer negundo "The Preacher's Tree"
WPR/0044 2015-03-23 07:02:52 Juglans cinerea Butternut on the Legislative grounds
WPR/0020 2013-11-27 21:59:45 Ulmus americana The BDI Elm photos added!
WPR/0009 2013-11-27 20:38:03 Malus 'Almey' Riverbend Cres. apple trees have a great story to tell!
WPR/0002 2013-11-27 19:48:22 Ulmus americana 'The Grandma Tree' at Tuxedo. c1863
WPR/0001 2013-09-26 23:11:44 Quercus robur Descendant of Chortitza oak from Ukraine

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